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donderdag 1 januari 2015

TQWT met Philips AD3800AM

Met een TQWT luidsprekerkast is veel uit de AD3800AM te halen. De combinatie lijkt wel voor de muziek van Dave Brubeck te zijn gemaakt.

Het gaat om de rechter (de grijze links heeft de zelfde kastmaten maar is gemaakt voor de kleinere AD3700AM):

De bouwgegevens:

Hout: MDF 18 mm

Buitenmaten in mm:

- breedte  260
- hoogte   936
- diepte    296

Afmetingen hout in mm:

- zijkanten           936    x 296
- achterkanten     936    x 220
- voorkanten       886    x 220
- binnen groot     727,5 x 220
- onderkanten     278    x 220
- bovenkanten     260    x 220
- binnen klein         28   x 220

Plaatje van tijdens het bouwen:

Echt een aanrader en makkelijk te maken, zeker als het hout voor je op maat wordt gezaagd.

Het gat voor de luidspreker is een kwestie van iets te klein uitzagen en dan met een vijl op maat krijgen. Vervolgens flink met de houtlijm in de weer. Met een vlakke ondergrond blijft het, na aandrukken en met de zijplaat + wat extra gewicht er tijdens het drogen tijdelijk bovenop, allemaal zonder problemen recht staan. 

De 'kier' linksonder, waar het schuine deel begint, heb ik gedicht met satestokjes en flink wat ladingen houtlijm. Het schuin lopende deel moet aan de bovenkant precies midden tussen de voor- en achterkant uitkomen.
Dan nog een laag dempend materiaal aan de binnenkanten plakken, luidsprekers en aansluitingen er in, de zijkanten vastlijmen en klaar.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi,

    I have a philips ag9018. do you have any suggestions on any modifications to this amplifier. Also do you have sources for parts like potentiometers?


  2. I have a AG9018 too. But it needs new volume potmeters (crackling beyond cleaning...). I don't have a source for volume potmeters with a tap for loudness. So I (still) have to look for them on fleamarkets.

    I've read many times that the AG9018 does not sound good with normal, low Ohm, speakers. But I've only heard the AG9018 with 800 Ohm speakers.

    You could bypass the preamplifier if you use line level sources anyway by disconnecting C21 and C121 and replacing R24 and R124 by a volume potmeter. I'm sure you will get a better sound like that but it's quite an operation...

    Greatings, Robert

    1. Ag9015, AG9018 sounds good with 8Ohm sensitive speakers! The opinion is correct to skip the pre-preamp with all its sh*t.

  3. Hi Robert, I have ag9014 Philips and ad3800am as well. I want to repeat your model of loudspeakers. Do you reccomend that for my amplifier?
    Regards from Russia, Sergei. contractor@list.ru

  4. Hello Sergei,

    The AD3800AM is rated for 6 Watt maximum, while the output of the AG9014 is 10 Watt per channel. So using the AD3800AM with the AG9014 is a bit tricky (you have to keep an eye on the volume!) and also a bit uneconomical (you cant use the full power of the AG9014).

    Better would be to use the 9710AM (20 watt max in a closed box, 10 Watt max in more open systems like TQWT) and than make the TQWT a little bit higher(by doing so, the resonance frequency of the TQWT will get a little bit lower, wich is better for the 9710AM) and a little bit wider (to fit the 9710AM)than the one I have built for the AD3800AM. But I can imagine that getting your hands on 9710AM's while not living in Holland is very difficult. At this moment I do not have two spare 9710AM's so I can't help you right now with that.


  5. Thanks for prompt and clear answer. You are right saying that it is not easy to get right speakers for me staying in Russia. I will control ad9014 power, I understand that. So I have what I have, are you happy with TQWT you have built? I mean ad3800am and cabinet got married sacsesfully? I want to build those ones, of course if you do not mind.

  6. Hello Sergei,

    I like the sound of my TQWT's very much. Even though the resonance frequency of the AD3800AM is not so low, they do produce a good and clear bass in this TQWT. And I do not mind you building them. I have found the design on the internet years ago so it is not my design.

    Succes with building them! When finished I would like to hear from you if you also think they sound good.


  7. Thanks a lot Robert, l’ll inform you about my impression. Frankly speaking I am lmpressed by Philips at all. I sow Philips plant in Eindhoven in 2002. huge area...

  8. Hi Robert, I ‘ve built the loudspeakers. They sound amusing! Fantastic, l am so happy. Thanks a lot for this nice chance to repeat this project.
    I have a pair of AD1260/800, I saw you constructed boxes for them. My filling is that will greater. Could you please to provide me with drawings. regards, Sergei

  9. Hello Sergei,

    Good to hear you also like them!

    I have made an update in my blogpost about the TQWT's with the AD1260/800 so now you can find the sizes of these TQWT's there ( http://otl800.blogspot.com/2015/01/otl-sepp-versterker-met-ecc81-en-4-x.html ).


  10. Hello Sergei,

    In addition to my reaction above: I advise you to put some dampening material inside the TQWT's for the AD1260/800. Not all of the inside panels have to be covered but without any dampening, the TQWT's can sound a bit hollow at some bass-frequencies.


  11. Hello Robert, thanks for your help, especially for the latest comment concerning damping. It is too lmportant for quality of sound.
    Regards, Sergei.